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Winter Dove by Murchison

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In these chaotic times, many of us are looking for some place where we can find just a little bit of peace and tranquility. As the world searches for ways to regain a little bit of the silence and harmony that seems to have been lost, artists around the country are providing a way of escape.


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Clint Murchison and Schmidt Fine Art Gallery offer a glimpse into a calmer, more peaceful moment that has been forever captured and preserved in print with their stunningly simple image of a bird suspended in flight, set against a backdrop of gently falling snow.

Winter Dove

Winter Dove depicts the eponymous bird as it wings its way through the quiet darkness of a snowy night. The photographer's eye for detail is clearly seen in the intricacies of the wings and feathers, which appear almost translucent as they spread out along the bird's wings.

The angle of the bird's wing pulls the viewer into the moment, leading the eye away from the body and out along the spread limbs, so that the motion and grace of the animal is clearly seen. The gently scalloped feathers that line the dove's body create a smooth, rounded pattern to counteract the sharp angles of the wings and the curled claws beneath.

In contrast to the deliberate detail of the dove's wings, claws, and outstretched feathers, the background is captured with an elegant simplicity. The snow behind the bird glints with reflected light, appearing as nothing more than specks of white against the darkness of the winter evening, and the overall effect is one of quiet, calm, and undisturbed natural beauty.

The stark white of the dove's body against the muted greys and blacks of the background create an eye-catching sense of contrast that still manages to look natural and organic. Because the photograph emphasizes some of the softer red, blue, and grey hues that shadow the bird's image, these same colors seem to be echoed in the flurries of snow that drift behind the dove's body. As a result, the foreground and the background coexist without one overwhelming the other.

No matter what the season, Murchison's work reflects the peace and solitude of a midwinter night into your home or workspace, and can be an outlet for some of the stress and tension that the ins and outs of our daily routine naturally create.

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About the Artist

Clint Murchison was born and raised in Arkansas, and he credits his outdoors upbringing for providing one of the main sources of inspiration for his art. An avid photographer, outdoorsman, and hunter, Murchison has always been fascinated by the "moments" that surround him throughout the day.

Armed with his camera and a keen eye for the perfect scene, Murchison strives to capture a moment in time. While he may have a general idea as to what kind of image he would like to produce, he allows the natural world around him to present split-second opportunities, images frozen in light or movement that he shares with the world.

According to Murchison, the photograph of the bird in flight was one such happy accident. While snowed in at home, he refilled several bird feeders around his house and watched the birds as they swooped down towards him on their way to feed. While the exact number of photographs he snapped on that day may not be known, he was lucky enough to capture one dove's descent towards the bird feeder, and he knew he had captured another perfect moment in time.

Murchison brings a unique, grounded perspective to the world of nature photography that resonates with viewers and critics alike. While other nature photographers are caught up with chasing the grandiose—sprawling landscapes, dizzying views from precipitous heights—Murchison is content to share the small images, the moments that others may overlook.

In doing so, Murchison lends a sense of the grandiose to each simple, relatable moment that he catches on film. While many of us have seen birds in flight before, it is only when such a common sight is passed through the lens of a true artist that the glory of the moment is revealed.

Read More about Clint on his Bio


About the Art Gallery

Schmidt Fine Art Gallery is an exclusive art gallery in the heart of Montgomery County, Texas. Founder Kurt Schmidt had spent years working in the corporate jungle of information technology, but was always searching for a way to share his more creative side with the world while simultaneously allowing small photographers to get the exposure and recognition that they may otherwise struggle to achieve.

Schmidt Fine Art Gallery is a photography-focused art gallery, with a special concentration on nature photography, landscapes, and underwater photography. The gallery works with artists from around the world to create unique collections of truly breathtaking pieces that reflect some of the splendor of the natural world in a way that even the most casual viewer can clearly appreciate.

Schmidt is a gallery that is run "for the artist by the artist"". Because Schmidt himself has an extensive background in scuba diving and underwater, he has been able to bring that expertise to the way he selects and displays the work of several other equally talented photographers. This grounded approach to collection allows the gallery to highlight artist, local or otherwise, who may not have been able to compete with the glut of lower-quality photography that is easily available online.

Each collection is curated under the photographer's name to give credit to artists like Clint Murchison, who are able to hone their focus on a specific style or approach to photographing the beautiful world in which we all live.

Located today in The Woodlands in Montgomery County, Texas, Schmidt Fine Art is committed to preserving the same natural beauty that it commemorates in all of its photographs. The gallery runs on completely renewable energy, drawing power from both wind and solar energy, both of which are in plentiful supply in southeast Texas!

For more information, visit the Schmidt Fine Art Gallery

Technical Information

Winter Dove is available in print form in one of three measurements:

  • 8 by 10 inches
  • 10 by 15 inches
  • 16 by 20 inches

Prints come with a foam backing and start at 71 dollars.

It is also available in a framed format (5 by 7 inches or 7 by 5 inches), starting at around 20 dollars and including a slim silver frame. The 5 by 7 inch print can be matted and framed in a sleek, black-on-white style that starts at 70 dollars and makes a handsome housewarming gift for your friends, family, or even for yourself.

For more options on sizing, presentation, and material, Schmidt Fine Art offers a wide range of customization options with their user-friendly and easy-to-use customization tool.

Visit the gallery online today to get a better look at this truly breathtaking moment that Clint Murchison has captured on film. You'll be able to find plenty of purchase options for bringing this once-in-a-lifetime moment home in a way that fits with your own personal sense of style and decorum.


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