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Why Prints are Important in Photography

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

In today’s digital world, many photographers don’t develop prints. They figure that once they have their work in a computer, why bother? After it’s uploaded, it can easily be shared and displayed to a wide audience.

But there are benefits to getting prints made. Printing offers a unique medium and a nostalgia factor that makes it a necessary part of the photographic process. Read on to find out why you should be printing your photos.

A Print Will Always Be There

Technology changes quickly. If you stored your images on a floppy disk years ago, how would you access them today? DVD’s and CD’s are also becoming a thing of the past.

A well protected print, on the other hand, can last forever. This is one of the reasons why you will want to add them to your photo collection.

It Offers a Different Way to Enjoy Pictures

If you are of a certain age, you remember how much fun it is to cuddle up on the couch and flip through an old photo album. It differs from sorting through years of images in iPhoto which can get annoying and overwhelming.

What’s more, when you look at an album, you are free from distractions. You don’t have to worry about a notification popping up on your computer and taking you away from enjoying your memories.

Prints Support the Industry

Digital is making prints a thing of the past. It threatens to put labs out of business. When you order prints, you are supporting labs and album makers doing your part to keep the industry thriving.

It’s Good for Your Career

If you choose to do photography as a way to make money, providing prints will be essential. Clients will ask for them as part of their package. If you don’t have experience printing, you may fall behind competitors that can offer this service. Prints can also help you generate more income.

What’s more, when you print pictures, you can be sure that they will come out high quality. If you leave printing to the customer, they may not use the best printing techniques. If the prints come out poorly, they may cause the client to have an unfavorable outlook on the whole shoot.

It Will Help You Improve as a Photographer

Looking at a printed photograph differs from looking at one on a web site. It provides the most realistic representation possible giving you the opportunity to accurately judge your work.

Once printed, you can try changing the orientation of the picture and displaying it upside down. This will provide further insight to how well the photo came out.

Prints are also best for collecting feedback. If you send your pictures out via the internet to find out what people think about them, they may be looking at them using a low-resolution computer that’s being viewed in poor lighting.

If you pass prints out in good light, you will get accurate feedback on how they came out.

Digital offers many conveniences but it’s important not to forget about prints. Prints will up your game and your career as a whole. How will you be integrating them into the services you offer?

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