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What Are Photography Gloves and What Should I Look for When I Buy a Pair?

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

Taking photos during winter isn’t easy. If you wear gloves, your hands will say warm, but you may not be able to get the precision you would with your bare hands. This can make it hard to achieve certain settings on your camera.

If you don’t wear gloves, your hands will freeze, and you may not be able to move them at all. And let’s not even think about chilblains and all that!

So what’s the solution? Buy a pair of photography gloves. That’s right, there are gloves designed to keep your hands warm while you take photos, and they will never get in the way of you getting the precision you need.

The question is, what should you look for when choosing the photography gloves that are right for you? Here are a few tips.

Flap Back Finger Caps

Flap back finger caps allow you to push back the material covering your fingertips when you need to adjust your camera settings without taking off the entire glove. Once you are done, move them back into place for shooting comfort. Some even have magnets that put them back in place for easy and secure closure.

Safety Straps

Safety straps will keep your gloves from falling off. They typically come in the form of elastic wrist bands. They also prevent snow from getting into your coat or gloves.

Extra Pockets

Some photography gloves have extra pockets in the back that can be used to store small objects like memory cards.

Water and Wind Resistant

Water and wind resistant gloves will hold up well in wet and windy weather.

Touchscreen Capabilities

It’s ideal to find gloves with conductive finger caps that work well on touchscreens.


Find gloves with insulation that makes them warm yet breathable. A Thinsulate cotton is ideal. Some have infrared technology that holds in your body heat to keep you warm.


Anti-slip features will ensure you have a sturdy grip on your camera.


The last thing you need is for your gloves to be uncomfortable during your shoot. A stretch fabric will provide a nice snug fit that will be perfect while you are out in the cold. Some also have adjustable features which you can move around to ensure your hands are comfy.


With all the features photography gloves come with, it may be difficult to find ones that are easy to wash. Check in advance to find out if they can be handwashed or thrown in the laundry. If you need to take them to the dry cleaners, it will be an added expense and an inconvenience.


Not only will reflective gloves make you more visible to passers-by, but they will also serve to illuminate your workspace so you can see what you are doing.

Photography gloves may be your best friends in the fall and winter season. Now that you know what to look for, you are ready to find a pair best suited to your needs. Which will you be choosing?

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