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Schmidt Fine Art Gallery Collection: Underwater Photography Art Gallery: Great Barrier Reef

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There are a lot of choices you must make when selecting art for your home. A nice piece says as much about you as it does about the journey of the artist that created it when it is found inside of your home. Here we have a perfect piece for the person looking to show off their appreciation of Underwater Photography but are not quite ready to have a full art gallery installed quite yet. The deep and placid blues will bring out a feeling of calming serenity that can only be found when you are exploring the Great Barrier Reef itself. Lose yourself in this blue tinted masterpiece today.



More Information about This Piece

It is a real photograph taken not far off of the coast of Australia where large schools of migratory tropical fish are regularly seen, especially at key times of the year. In this particular piece, we are pleasantly greeted with a view that few people ever get to experience. The view shows us a school of tropical fish facing the camera along with a vast ocean expense that lines the horizon behind them, giving a tremendous sense of depth to the art. This is an angle that almost no human alive has gotten the chance to see. It will bring an inspirational energy to the room as you are reminding of the great beauty found in even the most unlikely of places all across this great planet we call earth. Get back in touch with the aquatic elements of nature and hang this piece in a room you love today.

In the bottom left hand portion of this image, we can clearly see the details of a rather large piece of coral. Coral is a living creature and needs a well maintained environment to grow in. This acts as a symbol of change amid the vast and timeless ocean that pervades the image. The piercing brightness of the sun as it’s light crashes through the surface and is diffused into the murky depths of the ocean only add even more additional artistic flair that is impossible to recreate. It is quite obvious from the first glance you take of this particular photograph that it is a labor of love for someone.

Inspiration for This Piece

The artist is known for their revolutionary adaptation of traditional cliches. This transforms them into something new and entirely of the artists design. Here we can see this type of behavior in its perfect form. Many pictures have been taken of the Great Barrier Reef, but few can match the sense of meaning conveyed by this artists work.

The ocean is always a great source of inspiration for the creative mind. The seeming mono tiny of the waves as they crash on the surface of ch can only be paralleled by the unexplored depths behind their feckless surface.

Journeying below the ocean to capture some of the ethereal beauty of aquatic life was the original purpose of this piece. Whether it has effectively communicated this message is up to the viewers interpretation. Regardless we can all agree that this is a great example of the intolerance beauty many of us in the world simply do not know exists. Those of us who are aware of these great and beautiful things are far too often more than willing to refuse to acknowledge its existence.

While it is impossible to say what exactly went through the mind of the artist as they took this shoot, it is safe to assume that their hearts were welling with emotions. It is very rare for someone to capture the essence of their work so flawlessly. That is why this is such a highly prized piece among collectors that value qualities of underwater environments.
Artist Spotlight: Kurt Schmidt

Kurt Schmidt is the person lucky enough to be the creator of this beautiful piece. He has spent his life loving underwater adventures and has been active in the scuba diving community for years. He recently opened up a new art center to work as a gallery for his pieces and the photographs of other artists that enjoy underwater exposition.

Growing up and living in Texas, Kurt originally worked in the IT Industry. Before long after working in that field, he realized his creative side was not satisfied with the work, and he decided to begin a woodworking business while also pursuing photography simultaneously. After starting this transition, it did not take long for him to combine photography, his love of animals, and scuba diving to create one of the most important discoveries of his life. He learned exactly how fun, exciting, fulfilling, and passionate he was about taking pictures of animals that lived underwater. This is the initial spark that led us to the piece we are discussing today.

He worked diligently to capture the beautiful sights that presents themselves in the alien world under the surface of the great ocean. Through these escapades, he has graced the world with some rather unique photos of different types of animals in various oceanic environments. This type of photography quickly made him very popular in and around his home town. It did not take long before the public that surrounded began to demand more than simple photos.

Eventually, along with the help of different members of the community, he was able to launch his first gallery. This gallery is now one of the most popular in Texas for the display of pictures of oceanic animal life. The center continues to display art and receive visitors to this day. Consider going yourself to see some brilliant pieces in person. You have nothing to lose, right?

The Bottom Line on Why This is a Great Piece For You

There are a myriad of reasons we could think of that you should not walk out of here without taking one of these with you; we find that it is normally to let the client experience the art themselves. If you do not find yourself satisfied, at least you have experience part of the journey of self discovery that every conscious being just go through.

Although we highly doubt that you would be so disappointed. When you take a piece of art home with you like this, you are taking more than a collection of colors applied to paper. You are bringing with you the work of someone’s creative energies. These energies will help to permeate the environment you inhabit with a strong positive energy that will surely inspire you to become the best you can be. It is known that for people that spend more time outside in nature, they are typically Abel to break out of ruts and live more creatively. Being stuck inside of a home does not do your brain anything for its development. You can alleviate these negative effects of indoor living by sprucing the place up with some high quality art pieces.

Art that shows you things that elicit positive emotions will always be the most powerful and effective for you. The type of art that will have this effect on you will change from person to person. Do not settle for the first piece of art you lay eyes on. Search until you find a piece, like thins one, that truly brings something out of you that you have not felt since you were a child. Every art collection out there on this planet right now began with its first piece at some point.




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