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The Vatican Gardens with the St Peter's Basilica in the Backdrop – A Beautiful Must-Have

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The Vatican Gardens with the St Peter's Basilica in the Backdrop – A Beautiful Must-Have

Do you love fine art? How about having a piece of Vatican gardens – with the St Peter's Basilica in the background? Yes, you can get this beautiful piece available in the Schmidt gallery and you will love it. Whether you are a catholic or not, this piece of art will amaze, charm and impress you. Why is this a must-have piece from the Schmidt collection?

Inspired by the Basillica

Everyone knows the Pope and we all know that his HQ is in Vatican. Vatican is a beautiful city State in surrounded by Rome, Italy and while there is a lot to see in this city, you cannot talk about it without mentioning the Catholic Church. Well, it is the capital of the Roman Catholic Church! The St Peter's Basilica is the largest church in the world. It has a renaissance architecture design and takes the shape of a cross. The basilica is really beautiful and will awe anyone who visits the place. Plus, it is a holy place and many people make a pilgrimage to this place. It is believed that the tomb of Peter, Jesus’ apostle is right below the main altar of this church.

The Gardens are located near the basilica and they are as luscious dotted with various monuments. The 23-hectares garden has items that take you as far back as the Renaissance and baroque times. Walk through these serene gardens and you will be mesmerized by how peaceful the place feels.

From the gardens, picturesque views of the basilica are eminent. This is what caught the eye of the artist who took this image. The views are just so beautiful that she had to freeze this moment in an amazing picture. This is now available for you to share in the amazing view.

A Perfect Photo of the Basilica

What makes a perfect photo to be so? Proper lighting, an interesting subject and an excellent camera! This piece of art has all these and much more. It is s clear and detailed that it will look great in any size.

Look at the image and you will feel like you are walking in the gardens of Vatican. In this very moment, you are standing at the edge of a sidewalk and looking at the beautiful dome of the basilica. Making the scene perfect is nearby trees that are ever so naturally appealing. The sidewalk is lined by beautiful flower bushes and above are snow-white clouds breaking the monotony of the blue sky. The clouds so perfectly arranged that they seem to lead your gaze as you look and take in the perfect view of the dome of the basilica. Look at the horizon and you will be able to tell that it was a sunny day, perfect for a walk in the garden! With the great view, there is no other place you would rather be at.

From the Vatican to a Wall near You

If you have ever been to this city, then you know just how beautiful it is and you need this picture to remind you of the great times you had. If not, plan to go but before you do, get a feel with this art work from the Schmidt Fine art Gallery. This is a gallery whose intent is to provide you with the best images.

If you love this Vatican Gardens with St Peter’s Basllica image you could take it to a wall near you. You may hang in your hallway, living room or even bedroom and it will fit right it. It has nature’s colors and hence will blend in with any décor and other art works you may already have. This picture is also a perfect gift. Any catholic friend or relative you have will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Even if the person you have in mind is not catholic, he or she will still love this. It is lovely, natural and timeless. Plus, it does not have to be wall-hanging. We can print this image on various gift items.

How do you like your pictures? The Schmidt Fine Art Gallery has an option for you. From small simple prints to large acrylic prints, we have got you covered. Just tell us what you need and we will deliver at a very pocket-friendly price.

Make It Your Own with Our Customization Options

What separates the Schmidt Fine Art Gallery from the rest is that we allow clients buy only what they want. You see an image you love and tell us how you need it made in our customization page. Some of the basic details are the print size, paper used to print and the framing or mounting to be done. All these are determined by you.

Are you buying this as a gift for somebody special? Be creative and deviate from the usual wall-hanging. Gift them a calendar, mouse pad, mugs, phone cases, books, etc with this image on it. We will do it for you! Even when all you need is a wall hanging, we have a wide variety of options ranging from metal to canvas prints.

How can you customize your Vatican gardens with St Peter's Basllica? Simply go to the customize shop and choose the options you want. We shall deliver the image just the way you want it within a short time.

Affordable Art

This image is sold at a very pocket-friendly price but the actual price will vary based on the options you choose. No matter what option you make, we guarantee you that you will get value for your money.

Want to save some more? Make use of our “state your price” feature. Here, you state your price and if it is a good bid we sell it to you for that price. How cool is that? Get amazing discounts off the listed price with this feature.

The Magical Eye of Chalbaud

You are impressed and have already decides to buy this image? Congratulations! You must be wonderful who the talented photographer is. It is none other than Chalbaud, an avid travel photographer.

Chalbaudco-owns the Schmidt Gallery with her husband. They both have a passion for travel and photography. They have been to various parts of the world together and they love taking pictures with intent of freezing moments and memories. It is during a visit to Italy that this photo was taken.

Chalbaud’s main photography interests are in landscape, close-ups and flora & fauna. Whenever she travels, one thing that she never leaves behind is her camera. This is used to freeze all the precious memories and have pictures that remind her of places she has been to. When she is not holding a camera, you will find Chalbaud working as human resource professional, spending time with her husband and three children or traveling. She also enjoys skiing, scuba diving and other water activities.

Chalbaud has been clicking her camera button since she was a young girl. This was inspired by benign raised by two parents who are both journalists.

Place Your Order

This unique image of the gardens in Vatican with a backdrop of the basilicawill look great on any location. Be it on a special gift item or on your wall, this art will bring a smile to the face of all who see it. It is beautiful and very eye-catching.
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