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Ten Ways to Discover Local Artists in Your Community

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

If you want to see great art, you can search the internet or go to a museum. There you will find works from all the greats. You will see the Van Gogh’s, the Pollocks, the Warhol’s and the Kahlo’s.

But what about the artists in your community? These are the people that are producing great work on a regular basis. But you may never get to see it because their pieces are not being shown at major galleries and museums.

So, the question is, how can you find local artists that have their finger on the pulse of contemporary art? Here are a few suggestions.

The Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is a retail marketplace where farmers sell produce to the public. The local spirit carries through and they often feature local artists which may include painters, sculptors and even musicians. If the Farmer’s Market in your area is not including an art show, track down the organizers and suggest it.

Find Art Online

There are several sites that exist to connect art lovers with local artists that may be in your neighborhood or around the world. Artsy and Artnet are two great examples.

When you browse the art on these sites, you will also see links to the artists’ web sites and social media pages. Take note of these so you can continue following their careers and see how they develop.

You may also find artists through your own social media sites. For instance, I’m sure you have artist friends that display their work on their posts. Consider buying from them instead of frequenting a well-known gallery.

If you are looking for a specific piece or type of art that you would like made by a local artist, give a Facebook post shoutout letting your following know what it is you are seeking. I’m sure you will get several responses and recommendations.

Book a Gallery Tours

There are many travel agencies who recognize the need of locals and travelers looking for art. They conduct tours that will take you through galleries that exhibit all types of artwork ranging from classic styles to cutting edge. These are often led by curators who can tell you a bit about the work and the artist behind it.

Sometimes, the artists are even present at the galleries so you can ask them about their pieces and where they got their inspiration.

Go on an Open Studio Tour

It is not unusual for artists to open up their studios to the public. They do this in an effort to promote themselves and hopefully, sell a few pieces along the way.

Sometimes an open studio event will involve one artist, but in other instances travel agencies will organize tours of various studios. Schedule a tour so you can view local art and meet the artists that created it.

Socialize at Art Meetups

Art meetups are events that attract collectors and all types of artists. The purpose of these events is to network and share ideas. You can go to a meetup to meet local artists or talk to other collectors will who recommend you to local artists.

In some instances, there may be an exhibit at the meetup. This will give you an opportunity to see and buy the art that’s out there.

Join a Collectors Clubs

Collector’s clubs are similar to art meetups, but they are exclusive to collectors. You can join one of these clubs to talk to other collectors and find out about the local artists they prefer. They may turn you on to a few you like.

A collector’s club may also organize events like sessions with art critics, museum curators, gallery owners and other private collectors. These affairs will help you learn about what’s out there and give you information on what’s hot, all while sipping on cocktails and munching on hors d-oeuvres!

Visit Local Art University

There are several universities that specialize in art. The facilities might be holding specific art events, but it’s likely that they have permanent art galleries that you can stroll through at any time. This is a great way to find young art students that are showing promise.

Look Out for Local Art Fairs

Most communities host annual art fairs that feature the work of local artists. These are great places to browse without the pressure of a gallery owner or artist looking over your shoulder and you’re sure to find tons of impressive pieces. Find out when the next art fair is happening in your city or the city you are visiting so you can be a part of it.

At a Museum

Museums do not typically show local artwork, but it does happen. In fact, a museum near you may just be hosting an exhibit devoted specifically to local art. Be sure to keep your eyes open for these events so you can be ready to check out what’s hot.

Art is all around us waiting to be discovered. If you’re not in tune with your local art scene, you may be missing out.

The tips in this article will help you connect with local artists so you can be up on the latest. What’s your favorite way to find undiscovered talent?

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