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Summer Pedals

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

By: Jacob Hawthorne

Gallery: Schmidt Fine Art Gallery

Summer lovin’, happened so fast. Summer lovin’, wait it already passed? Dang, summer 2020 really went by faster than grease lightning. 

We’re starting to see the leaves are changing from their typical green to vibrant oranges, calming yellows and fiery reds. The once blooming flowers unique to the summer are receding and preparing to enter into their winter hibernation states. Each night, the sun is setting earlier and earlier and the nights are lasting longer and longer. That could only mean one thing. That’s right. In most parts of the continental United States, it seems that we have left summer 2020 in our rearview mirror and autumn is upon us. Now at the tail end of what felt like the downright quickest summer in recent memory, we bring youSummer Pedals by Schmidtas art on canvas to keep the summer feeling alive and well. This enticing art on canvas of the forest landscape is available through Schmidt FIne Art Gallery, and is available in all sizes, frames, and finishes.

Summer Pedals by Schmidtgets up close and personal with the pink helicopter flower, also known as the hiptage lucida, which are born to maple trees during the warmer month. The hiptage lucida is but one of many summer flowers that bloom during the tropic-like warmth of the summer in the North American landscapes, and they typically appear alongside the sunflower, lavender, hibiscus, asters, daisies, dahlia and more. The hiptage lucida is unique in its shape, color and function.

The vibrant pink of the maple seed pods seem to burst completely through the canvas against the dark shades of the forest background, and the sunbeams bounce off the maple leaves to enhance to green leaves and purple stems. The forest green that serves as the backdrop appears to seamlessly and fully engulf the stray elegance of the blooming maple seed pod, causing the seeds to dangle above what seems an infinite drop to the ground. But fear not tiny, little seeds. The maple seed pods carry the tree of the seeds, which can be seen safely tucked away in the center of the wing-shaped bloom, safely to the ground in a rotating flurry like a helicopter making a graceful landing. From there, the casings dry up and the seed is sewn into the ground. Unless of course, as we are all guilty of doing, the helicopter seeds collected in a pile are picked up by a random pedestrian passing by and tossed into the air creating a snow globe effect of swirling, dancing seeds. Either way, it’s fun and this wonderfully showcases the intricate hand of evolution when guiding the survival of a species. The maple seeds also serve as a life moral and we must always remember that the higher we go, the higher the fall, so be prepared. 

Speaking of fall, welcome everyone to Autumn 2020. The autumn of the most unknowns we’ve ever seen, regarding the election and the pandemic, who knows what is to come. But given all the craziness in the world that we built, we must always remember to connect back to our source, to nature. Connecting to nature recharges our batteries, and makes the intensity we see in the news a bit more tolerable. Especially when the leaves change and the air feels crisper than a Pink Lady apple, it is the time to appreciate the serenity of Mother Nature’s offerings. There is no better way to do this than with some floral art on canvas hanging from your walls, a fireplace in the fire, and a basket of tasty fall treats. This is our last chance before being holed up for the winter either from the snow, the cold, or the virus that shall not be named. And if you are worried about being holed up in a living room or bedroom all winter, now is the time to decorate your walls with lively art on canvas such asSummer Pedals by Schmidt. Then, when you are staring out your window at the snow covered landscapes drinking your third quarantini before noon, you’ll see the vibrant summer colors perched on your walls and think back to a happier time. 

Shameless plugs aside, we here at Schmidt Fine Art Gallery encourage you to lace up those hiking books, dust off your camera lens, and get outdoors. You’d be amazed at what you find. And don’t forget to send us your photographs when you do. Because whether you are an aspiring photographer or an art collector in search of inspiring works to fill your home, Schmidt Fine Art Gallery is here to service you. We are a gallery for the artist by the artist. Our mission is to serve as the place for artists to simply sell art, without the overburdening of promotion, marketing and running a start-up business. We are committed to producing high-quality, museum grade products and timeless works of art that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Summer Pedals by Schmidt is available in all sizes and formats. You can pick your own frame, Finish, and finish on this piece in our customization shop.

Schmidt Gallery was founded by Kurt Schmidt with the vision to establish a photo-centric gallery in the heart of Montgomery county, Texas. Although it is all run online at the moment, Schmidt Gallery has dreams of opening up a brick and mortar gallery in The Woodlands just north of Houston. Schmidt Fine Art Gallery was founded in March 2020 as a startup funded by All ARK LLC. 

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