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Seven Tips for Low Angle Shots That Will Add Power to Your Photos

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

Low angle shots can add a powerful perspective to your photos. Here are some advantages it can provide.

Intimidation: A low angle shot will make your subject look more intimidating providing almost a superhero effect.

Increases Interest: A photo shot at a low angle will look more interesting so it will capture the viewer’s eye longer, drawing them in.

Creates Leading Lines: A low angle photo creates somewhat of a V shape drawing attention to your subject.

Provides a Sense of Height: Want to make your subject look long and lean? Try photographing them at a low angle.

Distorts Images: A lower angle will provide a sense of distortion giving photos a surreal look. It changes the form of shapes making them look more interesting.

How to Make Your Low Angle Photos Look Great

Now that you know when to use a low angle photography, here are some tips that will make your pictures look their best.

Ignore Your Viewfinder

When taking low angle photography, you will be low to the ground and it’s unlikely you will be able to use your viewfinder. You will have to develop a sense of feel to get good shots. This will come with experience.

Use a Wide-Angle Lens

It will be difficult to capture the right images using a zoom when you’re at such a low angle. You will be better off using a wide angle or fisheye lens. If you want a tighter shot, you can always crop it when you’re editing.

Understand Aperture and Depth of Field

A low angle shot will typically have objects in the background and the foreground. Therefore, there is no overlying rule when it comes to determining aperture. Cranking the f-stop high will not ensure you get the perfect depth of field. You may have to do a bit of trial and error to find your sweet spot.

Keep the Camera Level

With your camera so low to the ground, it will be hard to keep it level. Learning how to level early on will ensure you get good shots. If your shot is not balanced, you may be able to correct it in post, but this is not always easy to do.

Get the Right Exposure

When you shoot at a low angle, you will not be getting much light. The lower part of your photo may be dark while the bottom half may be overexposed and/or undefined. You will have to play with the exposure on your camera to get the perfect balance.

Count on Exaggerated Sizes

If you take a photo of something low to the ground while at a low angle, it will look bigger than it actually is. Get creative with the framing to use this perspective to your advantage.

Check Your Shots

Low angle photography requires a lot of trial and error. When you start out, you’ll want to check your shots. Once you feel confident, you may be able to take a few shots in succession, but it’s always best to keep checking your results. Looking at your photos will help you determine if your composition, exposure and framing are coming out right.

Taking low angle photos can be challenging. The tips in this article will get you started on the right foot when it comes to getting the best results possible. Good luck in your endeavors.

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