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Schmidt Fine Art Gallery Newly Relaunch Website

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

Given the on-going pandemic we are sure that many of you have been locked away in your homes for longer than you would have liked. It’s been a rough few weeks for all of us and whilst the current critical condition seems to be easing up, or at least becoming a part of on going life many of us are still venturing outside a lot less than we normally would.


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Being stuck in the home can become boring for everyone. Looking at the same walls, art and interiors. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find the lack of interaction with the outdoors torturous, tiresome and often dull.


We want to help you bring the outdoors into your home!


We have been really busy working hard behind the scenes revamping our website. The new site layout makes it easier than ever to find the perfect piece for your home. We have divided our site into a range of categories that divide our photographers into different sections so you can now browse exclusively works by all our artists as collections.


We have the Murchison collection which you can view here, in which you will find beautiful shots of all things the wild has to offer. You can almost smell the scent of summer in his series that depicts the blooming of various flowers. One of our particular favourites is the  mid west summer flowers, a depicting of beautiful bright flowers that will brighten up any room in your home. This series is a great fix for the current pandemic blues you might be feeling.


Murchison also has a wild array of exceptionally detailed shots of wildlife depicted in their natural habitat. We love this shot he captured of a squirrel entitled Squirrel on high alert which you find here. Murchinson’s love of the wild is evident in all of his work that we have in our online gallery, its well worth a look if you’re missing the great outdoors.


We also have the Chalbaud collection in which you will find enriching shots that depict a wide range of subject matters. From berries to dandelions, to Iguana’s basking in the sun there’s something for everyone in this collection. Wether you’re after a jovial piece to lighten the mood, or a gorgeous landscape to add depth to your interiors, the Chalbaud collection has you covered. The wide range of shots found in this collection capture different moods, feelings and emotions that are powerful and energetic, perfect for adding depth to your home now that summer is here.


However, if you’re after something that’s a little different and perhaps have an affinity with the ocean then you should turn your attention toward our Schmidt collection.


In this section you’re going to find a wide range of shots that depict landscapes, architecture but also, underwater shots of fish and coral. The waters natural healing powers can be hung bright for all to see inside your home with this collection. We love the I’m eyeing you said the sea turtle Shot that depicts a turtle deep in the ocean gliding past the camera with one eye on Schmidt.


As an avid travel photographer the Schmidt collection also contains a variety of shots taken from different locations across the globe. Worldwide landmarks can become symbols and focal points in your home thanks to Schmidt’s elegant shooting ability. The Spring at Windsor Castle has long been a favourite of ours depicting the 11th century castle exterior which can be found in England.   


Lastly from our artists we also have the Lowe collection. Kelli Lowe’s passion for both photography and the wild is abundantly present in this collection. We really enjoy Lowe’s natural gaze. She has a great ability at finding the right shot in and amidst nature.


If you want the warm earthy feeling of nature in your home you’ll check out her collection here, In which you’ll find delicate snaps as well as light hearted humorous shots such as her iconic photograph depicting a turtle waking up entitled Not a Spring Chicken?


Lastly we must remind you that all of our shots are available in a wide range of formats. Thanks to our onsite online customization tool you can shop any of our artist’s collections, pick out a photography you like and then have it made to fit a medium of your choice.


You can find our customization tool here in which you’ll be able to transform any of photographers shots into a wide range of utilitarian items such as wall calendars, or even phone cases.


And if you’re set on having one of our pieces as a photograph that you can display in your home, we suggest you check out the customization tool and see if a frame or even different finish will further enhance the picture of your choice.

Check out our newly relaunch website at



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