Schmidt Fine Art Gallery Collection: Presenting Talking Dolphin by Chalbaud

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Did you know a dolphin's eye is equally suited for vision in and out of the water? What is more, they're able to hear 10 times the upper limits of humans. And obviously, they're adorable. Dolphins are often spotted cuddling, nestling, and playing with their young and members of their pods.





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The bottlenose dolphin is one of the few animals that can identify themselves in a mirror, so this happy dolphin would recognize itself in this exquisite image captured by artist Aurora Chalbaud. The artist captures many of the salient traits dolphins are famous for. The art piece, titled “Talking Dolphin,” is no misnomer: dolphins are among the most elaborate talkers in the animal kingdom, possessing a massive vocabulary of sounds and gestures used to communicate with each other, and even humans. The image also represents the inquisitive social nature of these spectacular mammals, capturing the converging moment when the animal makes eye contact, smiles, and chatters jovially before plunging beneath the water.




The gently lapping waves create a fractal of leading lines converging on the dolphin. The mammal's glistening skin shape-shifts between terrestrial sentience and the aquatic world to which it belongs, leading the viewer to consider things unknown. The azureal hue of the water and tenuous specter of the dolphin's submerged body reminds the viewer that reality is comprised of things beyond immediate perception.




Talking Dolphin” is a meditation between two worlds: Human and animal. Aquatic and terrestrial. Visible and invisible. Tenable and ethereal. It challenges perception and urges the viewer to consider the unimaginable intelligence and spirit of things beyond human understanding.




Chalbaud's affinity to photography began as a young girl. Raised by journalists, she was enthralled by turning photons into art at an early age. Her focus has evolved directly with her experience. Chalbaud draws her inspiration from the natural world, where she routinely captures unique images of flora and fauna. Water is her muse, often playing a major thematic element in her art.



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