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Photography In Major Art Galleries And Museum

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

I photographed this handsome bust at the Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany.

I love visiting museums and major galleries, particularly when they allow you to make your own photographs. Of course I’m always very, very careful to make my photos quickly and efficient and not to obstruct anyone’s view or progress through the space in which I’m photographing. Almost always my photo is made in a matter of seconds.

The ability to make photos in a major gallery, museum or art space does vary from site to site and it’s worth doing some preliminary research prior to arriving with camera in hand. However there has been a definite move in this direction over recent years and it’s great news for photographers. But, it hasn't always been the case and I suspect it started to change with the proliferation of mobile phone photography.


An interestingly framed painting of the crucifixion at the Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany .

An interestingly framed painting of the crucifixion at the Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany.

All Praise The Mobile Phone

It's one thing to ask photographers to leave relatively large and professional looking cameras in the cloak room, but quite another thing to confiscate all mobile phones upon arrival. And instead of following a single photographer around, as has happened to me in the past, the notion of limited amounts of security guards keeping an eye on every individual with a mobile phone is simply impossible in a busy major gallery.


Free Promotion - Finally They Get It

And of course social media allows for promotion of the exhibition and the venue to thousands and thousands of people around the world in a way that doesn't involve advertising, or cost. Thank Goldilocks for the mobile phone.



A stunningly beautiful and like-life bust at the Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany .

A stunningly beautiful and like-life bust at the Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany.


I photographed this handsome bust at the Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany. I've processed the photo in such a way to isolate the bust from its surroundings and, thereby, place attention on the figure portrayed.


What’s The Purpose Of Your Camera?

Of course for so many folks the mobile phone is used to make selfies of themselves in front of said art work. But I'm a photographer and, while my images are very much about me, they do not have to feature my own face. I feel that's a critical difference and an important point of departure for the creative soul.

More and more folk seem to aspire to become celebrities. I simply want to be successful so as to do what I already do, more often and more easily, and to be able to share what I do with many, many more people. That’s it!

It would be great to live on through my photography, during my time here and after I’ve moved on. But outside of family, friends and colleagues whether my face is remembered isn’t particularly important to me.

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