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Nine Tips That Will Help You Create an Impressive Photography Portfolio

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

If you are trying to make money in photography, you will need a portfolio. If someone is considering hiring you, a portfolio is the first thing they will want to see.

Today, most portfolios are created online. You may want to have a book version hard copy as a backup, but an online portfolio will help advertise you and it will make it easy for potential clients to see your work without having to schedule an in-person meeting.

If you are working on creating your portfolio, here are some things to keep in mind.

Photograph A Lot

The more pictures you take, the more good pictures you will have. Shooting a lot will give you the opportunity to experiment with different techniques, angles and subject matter. This will make for a versatile presentation that will help you land more jobs.

Think of Your Layout

Before uploading photos into your portfolio, think of the layout. Do you want your photos arranged in a certain way such as having one image per page or doing a collage? No matter which option you choose, it’s advisable to have different categories so people can check out the photos they are interested in. Wedding photos, landscape photos and portrait photos are good examples.

Select Featured Images Carefully

The images that are most noticeable should be the ones that pop. It may take some consideration to figure out what photos are best. Get a second opinion if you can’t decide.

Consider Image Order

The order you place your photos in will also make the appearance of your portfolio more attractive. While you might group similar photos together according to category, you won’t want to have two in a row that look too alike. Consider changing things up by integrating different angles and colors.

Choose High Quality Pics

Your pictures could be great but if they are not high-resolution images, it’s likely people won’t look twice. Pay attention to pixels and quality when you’re creating your portfolio.

Don’t Overdo It

People don’t have long attention spans. Instead of overwhelming them with hundreds of images, just choose the best of the best. You can always feature others on a blog or social media if you feel bad eliminating them.

Keep Design Simple

While you don’t want to overdo it by adding a lot of pictures, you also don’t want to go overboard on the design. The photos should be the star of your portfolio. Don’t detract from them with a flashy background and a lot of text.

Get a Second Opinion

Not only should you ask a friend, relative or mentor to help you out when it comes to choosing featured images, you should give them an opportunity to review your entire portfolio. You may be too close to the subject matter to give an unbiased opinion. Get someone you trust in to tell you what they think of your choices and design. Be sure to show them all your work so they can make sure you are choosing the best images.

Think of Your Audience

Think of the clients that are most likely to hire you including their age group, demographics and the shoots they are most likely to hire you for. Make sure your portfolio design has an aesthetic that appeals to them and that you feature the photos that are most likely to get you the job.

Your portfolio will go far in helping you make money as a photographer. Use the tips in this article to create one that shows your work to its best advantage. What do you look for when browsing a photographer’s work?

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