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Male Humming Bird in Flight Collection by Clint Murchison – A must-have for any hummingbird enthusiast!

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Unique and high-quality art from Schmidt Fine Art Gallery

We offer truly unique and humbling fine art produced here locally in Arkansas. Our gallery covers a wide range of prints with themes ranging from hummingbirds to squirrels, tree scenes, and just about any form of art that a person could want! Each collection offers a truly unique taste and addition to any home that appreciates both art and nature. Of our collection, we are pleased to announce the new addition of Male Hummingbird in Flight by Clint Murchison. This collection details the up-close perfection of the male Hummingbird, and it’s exquisite form while mid-flight. These prints are offered in the highest quality possible with professionally graded color and light filtering for the most realistic and in-depth view possible. Enjoy the hyper-realistic coloring of the Hummingbird as he takes off and flies. It’s a collection like these that make us proud at the Schmidt Fine Art Gallery. Since we offer some of the best nature photography from experts like Clint, we think you’ll enjoy this new collection just as much as we do.

Male Hummingbird Collection – Different Sized Prints Available

We are happy to offer the Male Humming Bird collection in a wide array of print options. No matter your purpose or desire in displaying the piece, we are sure to offer you a great choice. Our expert printing and framing team members will give you the highest quality print and leave your eyes glued to the collection! Our prints are carefully placed into gorgeous frames and offer several different sizes. Each print is offered in an acrylic print and has plenty of framing size options for your unique tastes. Each frame will offer personalized touches and display only the best of the Hummingbird in flight. This delicate little bird is quite stunning to look at, especially in this mid-action shot! Be amazed by this print as you gaze temporarily into the world of the Hummingbird as it takes off and begins flapping its wings hundreds of times per second! These prints will offer a perfect addition to any nature or bird collection! With the Hummingbird in focus and the background out of focus, you’ll never miss a single detail and elegance of this male Hummingbird. We offer print sizes ranging from 12 by 18 inches to 20 by 24 inches. Aside from acrylic, we are also offering this print for sale on both metal and poster. You can choose to have the print framed with a wide variety of complimentary frames as well. From light brown to deep and rich dark brown frames, we’ll be sure to find you only the best. Whatever your tastes are, this print and optional frame will look stunning in your collection!

Meet the Artist – Clint Murchison

Clint is a native Arkansan who has decades of experience, photographing nature, and animals. Clint is well known for his striking wildlife work, as well as his ability to capture and showcase the most beautiful sunsets and vistas in nature. Clint has always been drawn to art, whether it’s photography, etching, drawing in pen, or an oil painting, Clint is never far away from some art producing medium. His talent in art began at a young age when Clint began drawing and painting at just five years old, and he created his very first piece on the side of the family piano, according to his mom.

Clint began photography work in 1994 while attending university in his second year. Photography quickly becomes another artistic pursuit for Clint. Clint was first introduced to the art, however, early on in his life by both his father and uncle. From those basics, he mostly self-taught into the professional and stunning photographer he is today. Clint spends a good majority of his time outside as an outdoorsman and hunter. He often carries along with him, a camera, always at the ready for those surprise moment shots.

Clint says most of his pictures are not planned, but instead, he decides to take them only at that moment. If the sun is hitting a branch, “just” right, or a hummingbird comes whizzing by, then Clint is quick to pull out the camera and capture those truly special moments! The male Hummingbird in flight is just one of Clint’s many collections currently for sale on our website, but is certainly a welcomed and amazing addition!

Schmidt Art Gallery – Outstand Art Made by Outstanding People

Schmidt art gallery was founded by Kurt Schmidt, who began with a career in technical fieldwork. However, he eventually left that line of work and moved into the world of artistic pursuits. His business is currently entirely run online, but Kurt hopes to one day establish an art coop. A place where artists can come together and offer up there art while inspiring one another at the same time. Kurt is playing to lay the foundations of this art coop/gallery in the woodlands of northern Houston, Texas.

Kurt himself particularly enjoys beach and ocean pictures. He is well known for his pictures of seafoam and up-close shots of beach fronts. Many other artists and their work are also available here as well. The idea of this website is to give artists a wholesome platform to sell and promote their own work. We also aim to increase the ease of purchasing unique art through the production of museum-quality prints, which may be enjoyed for countless years to come. At this stage, we are just beginning to grow and have room for plenty more!

If you make a purchase from us, not only are you helping lesser-known artists in Arkansas make something of themselves, but you’re also purchasing world-class art. Our collections will entice your senses, complete rooms, and start conversions. Some of the work hosted here may also serve as an investment as the artist becomes more popular, and their work subsequently is worth more over time. Will you help support us by purchasing from the Murchison collection?

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