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Landscape Photography Tips That You Need to be Thinking About in 2021

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

As the weather gets warmer, many of us will be heading outside with our cameras to catch some great landscape photos. Maybe you’re new to landscape photography or maybe you’re looking to improve your technique for the coming year. Either way, there are always tips that will help you learn so you can take your photography skills up a notch.


Here are some things to keep in mind when you are headed out with your gear.


Get a New Technique


Everyone gets bored with photography and landscapes can really get you in a rut. After all, there’s not much to do that hasn’t already been done.


You can break out of the box by trying a new technique. This can be as simple as using a different lens or adding something in post processing. If you’re used to color, try shooting black and white. You can also experiment with angles, try out macro…and the list goes on.


Limit Gear


Some photographers load up on gear. This is especially common with new photographers who feel the gear is necessary for getting better shots.


What often ends up happening is they pay more attention to learning the gear than they do to improving their skills and technique.


Instead of overloading on gear, choose 2 to 3 cameras and 2 to 3 lenses you like to use and work on becoming a master relying on that alone. Not only will you find yourself developing more as a photographer, you will cut back on expenses and you won’t break your back carrying your gear around.


Rely on Maps


You may use Google maps or you may use a physical map…it doesn’t matter. Once you have the map in front of you, find your location and draw a circle around it that encompasses every destination up to three hours from your home.


As a photographer, you may think you exhausted all your day trip possibilities. But once you do this exercise, you will find there are so many more you haven’t visited. Checking out new locations will keep you inspired.


Be Open Minded


Going is with an open minded attitude will help you find great shots and accept nature as it is. With this perspective, you will discover unique things to shoot, you’ll get awesome photos, and you’ll stay inspired.


Learn from Other Photographers


Other photographers are a terrific source of inspiration. They may teach you tricks and techniques you weren’t aware of and they may motivate you to try new things.


There are so many ways to learn. You can watch video tutorials, read books, read blogs or talk to other photographers you know. Joining a photography group is a great way to learn and network and it also works as a social outlet.


Landscape photography can get old after a while, but if you keep integrating new techniques, you won’t get bored so easily. Try new things, go to different places, talk to other photographers, be open minded and leave that gear at home. You will be amazed to see how impressive your photos will turn out. 

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