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Schmidt Fine Art Gallery Collection: Introducing Fire Hydrant on fire a collaboration between Schmidt and Murchison

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Fire Hydrant of Fire - The Perfect Piece for Your Home
The art piece, Fire Hydrant on Fire, features a demure, yet glowing fire hydrant amidst a sea of grass. Created by a collaboration between Clint Murchison and Kurt Schmidt, the work invokes feelings of irony, duality, and identity. It would be a welcomed addition into home art galleries and several rooms, including the office, studies, home workspaces, living rooms, and the foyer.
The Basic Components of the Piece
Beginning with the most basic description of the insightful art piece, consider first its essential structure.

The dual-artist piece, Fire Hydrant on Fire is a 16 inches by 24 inches piece on canvas with white sides. The piece may be resized and framed as per the customer's choice and need.

The main focus of the work is a fire hydrant shown in muted warm tones, rather than the bright glossy red of modern life. The lighting gives it the look of being on resplendent fire, as the title suggests. Surrounding the fire hydrant is a grassy clearing and some encroaching vegetation.

The Story Behind the Piece

As with all great art pieces, the story behind its creation must be told to fully understand and appreciate the idiosyncrasies within.

Brought forth from a creative collaboration, Fire Hydrant on Fire began as a Clint Murchison photograph and transformed into this piece under the work of Kurt Schmidt.

Murchison, born in Arkansas, focuses his artistic lens on nature with a recent emphasis on candid wildlife shots. With a particular eye for light and streaming sunbeams, he creates pieces of immersive depth that have a quasi-mystical element to them. In this regard, the misplaced fire hydrant, both appearing to be on fire and growing from nature itself, seems a natural progression of Murchison's creative flow.

A former corporate employer, Schmidt turned to his artistic expression, leaving his day job far behind. Though he typically focuses on underwater aquatic themes, his work can frequently capture man-made structures set in encapsulating green natural environments. This theme is not unlike what is seen with the fire hydrant.

A Deeper Look Into the Art Piece

To fully place this art piece in a gallery or room, consider the intricate themes woven within the lighting, color scheme, and subject matter.

As suggested by the piece's title, themes of contradiction and duality emerge at one's first glance of Fire Hydrant on Fire. In warm tones, the would-be water source stands rooted in a natural landscape of grass and dirt, rather than the expected concrete jungle. No yellow lines to indicate parking perimeters. Instead, a seemingly misplaced fire hydrant with its bolt and chain trappings rests on the green earth in a somehow cleared area. Whether to invoke a sense of irony or to remind one where the fire-quenching water comes from the curious art piece fives one room for pause. In that contemplation, one must identify their own misplaced self.

Even more curious, a lighted backdrop shows the beginnings of another scene. The makings of what could be a concrete or marble outdoor room appear just on the outskirts of the painting. The mystery of the art piece deepens as one considers the purpose of this room and what part it has to play with the misplaced fire hydrant.

An Official Reminder to Breathe More

Fire Hydrant of Fire is the perfect wall art for any home workspace or office. The wonderfully warm ambiance of the color scheme will brighten the potentially cold and analytical environment. In doing so, one's work will be reinvigorated with a new sense of energy. More to the point, the very theme and message of the artwork center around balancing work and life. Perhaps, one over-burdened at the office will see this painting and be reminded of where their true energy lies. Much like the natural water source of the fire hydrant, family and nature are the true sources for people.

An Excellent Addition to the Developing Art Gallery

For those building their art gallery, Fire Hydrant on Fire serves as an eye-catching, yet subtle addition. Without being overly flashy, the artwork grabs the attention of those who walk past it. In head tilting way, those who enter a gallery with this piece will linger a tad longer.

Whether the home gallery in question centers around nature, modern, or classical art, this piece can add depth and nuance. With its evocative theme and adaptive nature, it truly does fit in most galleries. Moreover, viewers will find something new in it with every glance, as it works with the theme of surrounding pieces. In a complementary way, Fire Hydrant of Fire adds to nearby artworks.

A Transitional Piece for the Entrance Way

With both nature themes and elements of modern society, Fire Hydrant on Fire naturally transitions one from work and errands to a relaxing home environment. As wall art in the foyer or even mudroom, this piece will create a sense of ease and carefully transform one's energy from chaotic to restful.

Refection in the Study

As contemplative as Fire Hydrant of Fire is, perhaps its most natural location is in the study, writing room, or home library. With its own misplaced identity, the art piece invokes feelings of one's own duality. Calling to questions of purpose, true intention, and time investments, the piece will give one plenty to ponder in the study.

A Modern Piece for the Minimalist Living Room

For those wishing to add a stark focal piece to the main room, Fire Hydrant of Fire offers an insightful answer. The art piece adds a touch of modern life to the ever-growing, abundant green natural world. It speaks to the one who wishes to have the amenities of modern culture without all of its trappings. Moreover, it adds an odd sense of serenity to the room, giving thoughts of both bold nature and demure society.



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