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How to Take Excellent Photos with a Ring Light

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

If you are looking to take your selfies or portrait photography to the next level, a ring light is the way to go. These lights, which actually look like a ring (round with a hole in the middle), are becoming more popular in photographic applications. A mini ring light can be attached to a cell phone for selfie shots or a larger ring light can be affixed to a tripod and added to studio settings.

If you are looking to get the most out of your ring light, here are some helpful tips.

What Does a Ring Light Do?

A ring light softly illuminates the subject of your photos working to reduce shadows. For best results, put the camera in the middle of the ring when taking your photo. This will ensure your subject will come out evenly lit.

Other types of light will illuminate part of your subject and leave the rest in shadows. A ring light will produce even lighting ensuring your photo comes out terrific.

Most ring lights are LED, so they are softer than fluorescent lights. Some of them are also dimmable and can be dimmed via a remote switch or app. This gives you even more control over the brightness and color temperature.

Best Ways to Use a Ring Light

A ring light will come in handy in several applications. Here are a few ways you can integrate one into your shoots.

For Product Photography

Ring lights are typically used for portrait photography, but they can also work well in product photography. If you have a gooseneck light, simply turn it down so it’s shining on the space you are working in. It will provide the perfect lighting for the item you are shooting.

For Macro Photography

Macro photography involves taking an extremely close up shot of an object. It brings small details into focus so the viewer may not even know what they are looking at. A ring light works to provide evenly lit macro photography that brings out those small details.

Highly Detailed Close Ups

Ring lights light a subject perfectly making for highly detailed close ups. They are the perfect things to use in a makeup tutorial and many YouTubers and vloggers use them for this purpose.

For Video Production

Many videographers integrate ring lights into their film shoots. They are great for adding light to moving pictures. However, they don’t cast light well over distances so, to be effective, the subject will have to be close to the ring light.

For Smart Phone Selfies

The mini ring light that goes on cell phones will provide perfectly lit selfies that you can share on social media.

Use as a Flash or Continuous Light

Another nice thing about ring lights is you can use them as a continuous light or as a flash. Using a ring light as a flash saves power which is beneficial if you are shooting outdoors and need to rely on a battery.

Lighting means a lot in a photo. A ring light will illuminate your shots softly and evenly. Will you be adding one to your lighting gear?

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