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How to Share the Gift of Photography with Your Children

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

It’s not unusual for children to be interested in their parent’s professions and hobbies, especially if mommy or daddy work in the arts. If your child is curious about what you do, you can easily bond with them in the form of a project both of you can do together.

If you’re a photographer, it will be easy to draw your child in. You can take them out on shoots to find interesting subject matter. You can even give them a camera so they can take their own pictures. Then you can pour over the photos at some point in the future.

If you plan to take your child along on your next shoot, here are some activities that are sure to draw them in.

100 Steps

For this activity, you will need to take 100 steps in any given direction. Once you reach your destination, you must take a photo using what’s in front of you. Where will your steps take you?

Incorporate a Toy

Take your child’s favorite toy along on a photo shoot and put it in interesting locations to make it seem as if it is having an adventure. When you get home, you can add texts to the shots, and you may even be able to work the pieces into a cohesive order. This will make for an interesting children’s book you can get together and read at any time.

Clone Your Child in Your Photos

Does your child ever tell you they wish they had a twin? You can make this wish close to reality by taking pictures of them in various positions in a room. Then use layering tools in processing to include the various photos in one shot making it look like your child has multiple clones. This will make for a picture your child is sure to treasure.

Make a Ho Hum Day Special

Photography can make a boring day at home special. Set up a timer to go off every hour and snap a picture every time the timer dings. This will document your day and make it into an exciting adventure.

Interview People

People are fascinating. It’s likely you have people in your neighborhood or distant relatives that have great stories. You and your child will have fun setting up an interview with these people and taking a picture to go with it. It will make for a sort of ‘Humans of New York’ type vibe.

Do a Comparison

Have a parent child photo shoot. For this activity, both you and your child will venture out with your cameras and take pictures of the same thing. When you get home, compare the pictures and have a conversation about what you see.

Get Mood Elevation

Seeing things that make you happy can really lift your mood. Sit with your child and pick out five things that make you happy. Go out and find and photograph these items. Then take them home and look at them to instantly enhance your mood.

Photo Transformation Processing

The editing process can be quite intriguing. Give your child the chance to experience it by putting a photo into your software and letting them play with the settings. Pic Monkey is especially kid friendly.

Letter or Word Hunt

You and your child can have fun by going out and finding objects that look like letters. You can simply take pictures of these objects or you can combine them together so they spell out full words. It will teach your child creativity and valuable reading skills.

Photography is a great activity to share with your child. Now that you know the various things you can do together with this medium, you can look forward to terrific bonding moments. What do you do when your child wants to get in on the act?

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