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How to Remotely Control Your Camera

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

Being able to remotely control your camera is a major benefit. It reduces camera shake. It can also help you get yourself into your pictures and take pictures from locations you may not be able to squeeze into.

Fortunately, there are several ways to remotely control your camera. Here are a few to consider.

A Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release is the simplest way to activate your camera remotely. They are available in wired and wireless varieties. All you do is press a button and the device will make the camera take a picture. Many also include features like time-lapse, delay, and exposure timers.

Remote shutter releases are a favorite because they are lightweight, affordable, and easy to use.

Use Your Smartphone

If your camera has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can control it with your smartphone. To do this, you will need a camera that has Wi-Fi, and of course, a smartphone. Connect your smartphone to a wireless network created by your camera and use either Canon’s Camera Connect app or Nikon’s Wireless Mobile Utility to shoot.

One nice thing about this option is it will give you a live view of your phone. So if you can’t be near your camera, you will be able to get a preview of what the picture will look like. It also allows you to transfer photos to your phone quickly so you can edit and share them without a computer.

However, this method does not provide you with time-lapse mode or powerful video controls. It also may not always work depending on the equipment you are using.

Tether your Camera to Your Computer

It’s not unusual for photographers to connect their cameras to their computers. This allows them to preview photos on a large screen and it ensures that the images are backed up. It also lets the user control the camera remotely.

On the downside, the fact that you have to use your computer makes this not the best option for travel. It’s best if you are shooting in your home and have a need for timelapse photography.

The Camranger

The Camranger is more expensive than other options, but it may be worth it if you take a lot of photographs that require a remote. It’s a box that connects to your camera and creates a wireless network that allows you to connect your smartphone or computer. You can then use this as a dedicated app to control the camera.

The device also comes with its share of features. You can get a wireless live view, total exposure control, movie recording with focus control, macro and focus stacking, timelapse and HDR support, and the ability to transfer photos to your phone and computer. It still comes with the issue of controlling your camera to a smartphone, but its extra features may make up for it.

A remote control is the perfect thing for eliminating camera shake and capturing shots that need to be taken in difficult-to-access areas. The solutions in this article will help you get the remote capabilities you are after. Which do you think works best for your needs?

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