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How to Incorporate Geometrics into Your Abstract Photography

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

Geometrics are in. They always make a splash in photography, and now they are being featured heavily in home décor as well. This makes them a win win when it comes to integrating them into your next photo shoot.

If you are looking to capture geometric looks in your photos, here are some great ideas.

Lead With Lines

Lines play a major role in geometric photography. You can make the most of them by photographing them to lead the viewer’s eye up, down or to a certain part of the photo. This will really be effective if you shoot the lines of a building making for a narrowing effect that draws the viewer in.

Find Repetition

A geometric theme will come out if you use repetition. For example, a square within a square makes for a powerful image. You can also have identical (or near identical) shapes on either side of the photo. It’s great if you can find these shapes in real life, but if not, consider adding them in editing.


Symmetry and geometry go hand in hand. If you find a scene with lots of shapes that mirror each other, bring them out by framing your picture properly. Make sure the image is well centered and that both sides are balanced.

Color or Black and White

Color and black and white can bring their own share of benefits to the geometric experience. Color adds emotions and can give a geometric photo a retro look. Black and white is dramatic and, if you play with contrast, the shapes will really stand out.

Bring Out the Texture

You will find that the geometric objects found in rural scenes are often highly textured. They may be smooth metals or rough bricks. Do your best to find geometric shapes and textures that will add emotion to the picture.

Go Minimal

Minimalism works well in geometric photography. It consists of simple geometric shapes and not a lot else going on in the photo. It evokes feelings of isolation and requires strong composition to enhance.

Get Perspective

Perspective will play a major role in how the viewer sees the photograph. For example, you can take a photo on the ground to produce a visual experience of moving upward or you can go somewhere high and take a photo for the opposite effect. Work with different angles to find ones that add interest to your shots.

Use Organic and Inorganic Matter

When you think of geometrics, inorganic matter is what comes to mind first. Brick buildings and steel structures are great examples. But shapes can also be found in organic matter such as the veins in a leaf or the texture of a tree. Look for them wherever you go or combine the two for an added twist.

Geometry will add something special to your photos. The tips in this article will help you make the most of the geometric shapes you find. How will you be integrating them into your next shoot?

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