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How to Choose the Perfect Frame for Your Photos

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

If you’re a photographer, you know the image is the star of the show. But the frame you use can make all the difference when it comes to displaying it in a public setting. It can give the photo the intended vibe and make it stand out even more. This is especially important if you are exhibiting your photos in a gallery or hanging them on your studio wall where clients can see them.

So how do you pick the perfect frame for your photo? Here are a few suggestions.

Wood or Metal Frames

The first thing to think about is whether you want to go with a wood or metal frame. Both vary in terms of style, color, and thickness.

Metal frames tend to go best with modern photos and interiors. Rather than drawing attention to themselves, they subtly enhance the elements around them.

Wooden frames have more of a rugged and traditional look. They add a rustic element and a sense of warmth. They have a bohemian appeal.

Choose a Color from the Picture

It’s likely your color photos have a variety of hues and tones in them. Pick one that you feel brings the photo together and choose a frame that matches. This will draw attention to the color in the image.

If your image is black and white, choose a frame that’s black, white, or a neutral metallic. Alternately, a color frame may add the perfect amount of vibrancy, especially if the photo features deep contrasts and has a modern aesthetic.

Go for Drama

You can go for drama by choosing a frame that’s the exact opposite of your photo. For example, if your photo is minimalist, you can dress it up with a busy frame. If the photo has a lot going on in it, a bold, simple frame will be a better choice.

Go Neutral

If you would rather not emphasize a specific color in your photo, a neutral frame will always work. It has a timeless classic look that’s ideal for a variety of situations. Neutral tones include browns, grays, black, white, and even some metallics. You can also go with a ‘new neutral’ such as lemon yellow, navy blue, salmon pink, and the like.

To Mat or Not to Mat

Matting involves adding a piece that surrounds the picture and goes inside the frame. It’s ideal for smaller images. For example, if you take a 4x6” photo but want more of a ‘big picture’ effect, you can add a mat and put it in an 8 x10” frame.

Most mats are white, but some are colorful. If you are adding a colored one, go for one that matches both the image and the frame. You can go for monotone looks, neutrals, or play with color.

Getting a terrific picture is a great starting point. The right frame will take it to the next level. What do you consider when you’re choosing frames for your images?

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