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Schmidt Fine Art Gallery Collection: Great Barrier Reef

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on


Do you love the ocean but live in city? Perhaps you’re inland and unable to access the coast regularly or you simply haven’t had time to take a vacation. For anyone who loves the ocean - its wonder, awe and of course its inhabitants - being away from it for extended periods of time can be damaging. 


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However, Schmidt Fine Art Gallery are happy to help. Here at the Gallery we take pride in being able to bring the wild, untamed, unknown in doors. We are striving to inspire, captivate and of course please our clients with our latest line of photographic prints. We carefully curate a selection of hand picked shots that best show the true beauty of our planet and offer them to you as prints to hang in your house as well as a range of other printable accessories and everyday objects. 


The ocean is of course the most obvious unknown known planetary eco systems that still leaves humans puzzled. I have always held the belief that the ocean has the ability to “set you straight” as it were. Just smelling the salt water is enough to brighten mood, lighten my day and feel at one with the world. 


I’ve always wanted to live by the sea and this year I got my opportunity. Now, thanks to Schmidt Fine Art Gallery you don’t have to pack your bags take a vacation or even leave your house to get the spirit of the ocean. 


Schmidt Fine art Gallery GBR Clown Fish & Anemone GBR Clown Fish & Anemone is an acrylic print, shot with an under water camera documenting one of the worlds greatest natural wonders. The Great Barrier Reef is of course a household name stay. When the words are said in conversation or written down and your eyes gloss over them the ocean and all its wonder pops straight into your head. 


Schmidt Gallery are offering you the chance to house a piece of this earthly treasure in your home through one of our luxury acrylic prints. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism known to man. Spanning a radius of 133,000 square miles, featuring over 900 islands and more than 2,900 individual reefs it is a breath taking piece of history that everyone should experience. 


The Great Barrier Reef is also home to many exotic sea creatures as well as the beautiful reefs. In this particular shot we managed to capture a pair of Amphiprion Percula drifting through a section of the reef. 


These beautiful fish are often mistaken for the Clown Fish. However, the Amphiprion Percula is a separate species altogether. They are normally 8cm long when fully grown, though some grow up to 11cm in length. 


They are easily distinguished by their body colors. The bright luminous orange body is fragmented by three white lines that divide the fish into three parts, however there are no obvious color distinction that separate genders.


In this particular shot both the fish are looking directly into camera framing the shot perfectly. The ambiance of the ocean is documented accurately by the way the background can be seen to move. The reef looks like its in motion as the fish glide past. We do recommend buying this print in a larger size so you get the full effect and detailing that the reefs have to offer. 


Then brightness of the fishes bodies counteract and stand apart from the darker tones that pair in the foreground of the image. The yellow reef stands out tall, appearing to move further away as the Amphiprion Percula move closer into the shot.


The subtle layering of this shot makes you feel like you’re inside the print. With this print you get a rare shot of the Great Barrier Reef, but you also get a moment in time inside the ocean. 


We all to often forget what its like to be one with nature. Seeing nature wonders, creatures and life often makes us pause and reconsider what is important in our daily lives. We live in times were we more detached from nature than ever before. 


Here at the Schmidt Gallery we are trying to remove this detachment, create bridges, and bring the extraordinary into your life everyday. 


Like all our current prints on offer, GBR Clown Fish & Anemone is available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 5x10 to 80x40. We recommend this piece in a larger size since the imagery is highly detailed and the larger image size makes it easier to become lost in the image. 


This piece is perfect for your home, holiday home, or as a gift for anyone who loves nature, the ocean and the earths wonders. As with all our prints we use the highest acrylic inks to ensure we capture every microscopic grain of detail in our shots. 


This particular piece was shot using an underwater camera in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, located just off the east coast of Australia. 


If you or anyone you know is interested in this piece but not sure about sizing, where to hang this piece of how to complete your order don’t hesitate to contact one of our team at the gallery via the website

Visit our main website to view more of our ready to hang art, if you prefer to chose the frame and format for your wall please go to our customization tool.

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