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Fine Art Photographers That Will Inspire You

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Fine Art Photographers That Will Inspire You

If you are hoping to achieve fine art photography greatness, it’s important to learn from the masters. You may not be able to take a class with a well-known photographer, but just looking at their work will provide insight. Here are a few you should be checking out.

Damiano Errico

This Italian photographer gets his inspiration from Renaissance paintings and much of his work encompasses recreations of the style but with more of a sensual and straightforward feel. He particularly enjoys photos that accent the female body and getting experimental with lighting.

Sarah Ann Loreth

Loreth’s photographs look like they came out of a fairy tale. They are inspired by meaningful themes like mental health and identity. Her pictures tell stories that come alive in her work.

Inna Mosina

Mosina pursued a career in law but fell in love with photography after graduating law school. Her love of taking pictures of her environment inspired her to shoot conceptual photos. Popular themes include cloudy weather, sunrises, and sunsets.

Alex Stoddard

Stoddard is known as an influential photographer due to his ability to transform a simple theme into an impressive work of art. He has been in the industry for years and has produced an extensive portfolio with every piece showing a unique effort.

Olga Fler

Fler prefers to take photos of families and children. She captures candid moments that appear as if the subject is unaware a photo is being taken. Her eye for composition makes her work stand out.

Marta Syrko

Syrko is known for taking portrait photos that are romantic and mysterious. She has the ability to capture unique compositions and expressions that never look out of place. Every model she uses looks effortless in their surroundings.

Magda Piwosz

Piwosz is the brains behind Pinkyblue Art, a company that specializes in family and fine art photography. Her photos have the uncanny ability to capture the innocence of childhood.

Carolyn Hampton

Hampton incorporates a Rockwell-esque vibe in her photos and masters the art of capturing the emotions of childhood. Her portfolio is full of monochromatic images that are dreamy and have a vintage appeal.


Blue is a versatile photographer with a collection that include models and landscapes. He enjoys using natural light to his advantage. He tends to feature the same models in his photos, yet he makes each image look unique.

Lucy Michaela

Michaela’s work features people and landscapes. She plays with details, lighting, and colors to capture thoughtful moments.

Mike Monaghan

Monaghan’s work features a wide variety of experimental techniques including motion blur, dappled light, fire, rainbows and more. Yet, he makes each work for him. Browsing his portfolio is sure to provide endless inspiration.

Christian Benetel

Benetel stands out for his signature style which mixes moody and vibrant. It carries across whether he is doing portraits, conceptual shots, wedding photos and what have you. Each shot tells its own unique story.

If you find yourself in a rut, be sure to check out the work these photographers have produced. Their shots will get your creative juices flowing. What fine art photographers do you like best?

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