Chichen Itza Main Temple: A fine addition to any home from The Schmidt Fine Art Gallery!

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A historical opportunity for fine art prints!

Here at Schmidt fine art gallery, we are offering some of the most unique prints to make a fine addition to any art collection. Our art gallery includes many different prints with themes that will fit the needs of people with different tastes. There will be something within each collection that will complement any living space and guarantee your satisfaction for years to come! One of the most intriguing art prints available at the moment is the Chichen Itza Main Temple and serves as a fascinating example of Mayan culture brought to life in a high-quality art print. Much of our work has to do with nature and exploration of the oceans in underwater artwork. The versatility we offer is foundational for our business and the Chichen Itza Main Temple is a unique piece with a historical background that will trigger conversations and compliments in any home. This is more than art, it's a piece of history with a sharp capture that makes you feel like you're right in front of the temple. This fine art of the Mayan main temple has a wonderful mysterious quality that's in harmony with the historical facts around their culture including their particular architecture artistry!


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Chichen Itza Main Temple: The different sized prints

There are different options when deciding upon the sized prints available in this particular collection. The Chichen Itza Main Temple is a post-Columbian towering masterpiece of architecture. It was constructed by the Mayans within the Terminal Classic period and the site is located in Tinúm Municipality, Yucatán State, Mexico. Each one is clear and crisp looking and has a very artistic quality to it. The first size includes the 20x30 metal print and is an excellent option for those seeking a sturdy print to enrich any spot on the wall. Secondly, we offer a poster print which is 16x24 and is easier to transport. It's important to handle the softer materials with care to ensure the longevity of the artwork. Remember it's a precious ancient portal into the Mayan world and should be handled with care. The third option includes a 10x15 print that is framed for your convenience and protection of the print. We offer some different options when considering the style and type of frame, so you can consult with us at to determine which one is best for your particular style. In recent years, Mayan culture has made it's way to the mainstream with various prophecies and art styles. These three options for fine art prints from Schmidt fine Art will definitely suit the needs of any art connoisseur. They are peaceful and stir up a great sense of calm and well being with the various patterns of the creative culture. It takes you out of the room and transports you to the very tall temple!

Schmidt Art Gallery: Offering outstanding Art

The Chichen Itza Mayan Temple is just one of many options offered by our gallery, and there are different tastes suitable for all people and artists alike! There are other prints of famous architecture and beautiful nature scenes that will bring life to the room with captivating prints in beautiful frames. We have many options in elevating the piece to new heights, and take great pride in our work within Schmidt Gallery! We offer acrylic prints and many options in framing them for the preservation of your art to stand the test of time. The art offered from us is of high quality and has a personal touch to each of the individual aspects of each print. The Mayan Main temple of Chichen Itza resembles the lost city of El Dorado with an amazing shape and seemingly endless steps trailing down to the ground. The symmetry is captivating and definitely has an almighty presence with ancient appeal. It makes a fine addition to any collection by representing a very distinct and mysterious culture that seemingly had wisdom beyond our comprehension. The clear blue sky in our Chichen Itza Main Temple print instills a sense of peace with a happy cloud trailing the back of the temple. Variety is important when running an art gallery, and we strive to configure the best possible collection to suit the needs of many types of people. Our Mayan temple collection is a widely popular option for a zen setting in any space. Buy it now in three different interesting and convenient options!

The benefits of owning fine art from Schmidt

There are many benefits to owning a variety of art from different collections in Schmidt fine art gallery. The first and most obvious is the power of art prints to uplift the room and stimulate the senses. This is far different than just purchasing a print from online at a cheaper price. These are professional prints that will have guests in your home complimenting the amazing quality. They are conversation starters and can be the talk of the night when people tour your personal art collection. The main Mayan Temple print has a mesmerizing quality to it and resembles a very intricate quilt and shows how advanced their culture really was in architecture and artistic design. Another benefit of owning one or all of this Mayan collection is that they may be worth more in the future if kept in the correct conditions. Some collectors purchase prints for the sole purpose of preservation and increased worth over time. These timeless prints offer one a piece of cultural history that will bring other parts of the world to the forefront of any room for stress relief and contemplative stimulation. Here at Schmidt we don't compromise on the pristine quality of our prints, and it's important to let your eyes be the judge. The difference is apparent in the quality of our art, and we give you your money's worth by providing dazzling prints with elegant designs for the most discerning tastes. Take a tour of our website today to explore some of the other benefits of purchasing our high-quality prints!

Aspirations of Schmidt: The future of the Gallery business

The Schmidt gallery was founded by a man named Kurt Schmidt who originally was in a more technical field, and took off into the art world to pursue more artistic endeavors! His business is currently operated through the online platform, but he hopes to establish a foundationally sound gallery where artists can come together to share their work and encourage each other in the business. In the future, he will effectively establish a building in the woodlands north of Houston. One of his favorite specialties is capturing the art of the sea through photography. He originally started working with wood which is a very interesting art form in itself.

Photography came after and his sea prints are superbly professional with breathtaking images of our beautiful oceans. There are many purposes for purchasing fine art prints and they span from business needs to personal enjoyment. No matter what you need them for, we will have the right prints for the job that are captured with an artist's idea for stimulating work. Our goal here is to give artists a comprehensive platform for artists to sell and promote their work without the hassle of over-promotion and starting a business. Alleviation of these stresses is one of the central points of our business, and we aim to develop convenience in the purchasing of museum-quality prints that will be enjoyed for many generations to come. Our business has the capacity for increased growth and we are striving to help fellow artists spread their wings by offering their work to inspire others and share in the joy of art.


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