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Schmidt Fine Art Gallery Collection: Cedar Waxwing taken by Clint Murchison

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

Schmidt Fine Art Gallery is extremely proud to present another photographic piece by resident artist Clint Murchison. Any outdoor enthusiasts alike will find Murchison’s approach, creativity and, ability to shoot wildlife as organic, seamless and tranquil.

We are excited and pleased to offer this latest work entitled Cedar Waxwings which is another demonstration of the artists fine tuned technical ability that has taken multiple years to hone and perfect. This piece is of course capturing the sheer beauty of the Cedar Waxwing bird.


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The Cedar Waxwing is a medium sized bird that is typically brown, grey and yellow. The bird received its name thanks to its waxlike wings. Most notably the tips of the wings often appear shiny, or like they’ve been treated with a resin of some sort.

The Cedar Waxwing is native to north and Central America, venturing to the open woodland that Canada offers during breedings season, then migrating back to the states. The shiny wings of this bird make it a particularly interesting creature to both observe and snap with a camera, especially in different surroundings, and lightings.

The particular Cedar Waxwing that features in this shot by Murchison is perfectly poised with almost ruler straight lines dividing the color transitions that occupy its body. The black diamond that accentuates the birds eye is outlined with a subtle rim of white.

The body of the bird gradually fades to a darker tone, graduating in a gradient form toward middle Center of the shot. The highlights and accent colors of red and yellow are present at the tip of the Cedar Waxwings tail feather and inner wing.

As always, Murchison is on hand to delicately deliver an acute angled shot that positioned the bird Center frame. The eye is drawn straight toward the bird, and then reassesses the space occupied around the shot - the branches with appear in and out of focus.

The clear blue sky that sits at the back of this image accentuates all that appears in front of it. The branches appear at the front and back of the shot creating a 3-dimensional angled image that jumps out at you.

The bokeh that Murchison captures in this shot offers a symbolic resemblance between that of a regular portrait shot one might get from visiting a photographer. This bokeh effect amplifies the subject - in this shot, the Cedar Waxwing - and merges the background into the subject to create a seamless, transient shot that captures both the spirit of the outdoors, the innocence of nature and presence of Murchison all in one seamless shot.

The ability to shoot wildlife subjects in such a manner relies heavily on the skill of the photographer. Though these shots might look simple to take, or perhaps appear as if by coincidence, finding the Cedar Waxwing is one mission, but shooting the bird in such an elegant way is a totally different skill capacity.

There are few artists more qualified to take such a shot than Clint Murchison. Having been a practising artist all his life, life long Arkansas resident Murchison has both an eye for the perfect shot, as well as the artistic ability to frame, manipulate and extract the most breathtaking images you could possibly imagine from our very own natural surroundings.

In order to capture the tranquil nature of the outdoors you must capture the beauty of natural. The hardest part of shooting the wild is becoming one with the subject that you are shooting. Often time sensitive, shots like this require the upmost skill, attention to detail and patience.

Of course when shooting a photograph in the wild you are capturing a moment in time that will never be experienced again. The transient temporalities of past, present, and future cascade into one - a beautiful waltz amplifying a sense of connection between planet, human, and nature that has all to often been missing from the 21st century society.

We recommend this particular shot printed on an 8 x 12 slate. We use the best acrylic inks to make sure that are prints offer solid, vibrant color as well as a long lasting life span. The slate will look great in older country homes and pairs well with old wooden interiors.

The juxtaposition between the muted slate that offers with its rough hard edges and the soft image of the Cedar Waxwing work extremely well when paired together. Our slates our available as coffee table decorations, ornaments for around the house and are also hangable on your walls.

Bring nature into your home with another one of Murchison’s iconic shots. However, if you’re after a more subtle look for a wall hanging, or perhaps a gift for a loved one, friend or family member perhaps consider visiting our customization shop where you’ll be able to print the Cedar Waxwing shot onto a plethora of different objects ranging from phone cases all the way to calendars.

This piece is available in our ready to hang art selection and in our Customization shop. 

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