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Schmidt Fine Art Gallery Collection: Cardinal Love..Birds in Winter

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

Do you love wildlife so much that you want to bring the outdoors into your home? Schmidt Fine Art Gallery are proud to present Cardinal Love..Birds in Winter. An acrylic print shot by life long artist, photographer and native Arkansan Clint Murchison. 

The acrylic print is a photograph shot by the artist in the heart of the winter season. It depicts two Northern Cardinal birds perching on bare trees in the midst of an Arkansan winter. 


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The two birds are shot directly in focus placed in the middle of the frame. Contrasting the dark midst of winter, the birds are delicately perched on sparse branches that are dead in the heart of winter. 

The brightness and vivid nature of the electric red birds juxtaposing the gloomy background, Murchison plays up to the vibrant coloring that the birds have, paired with the darker tones that occupy the winter months. 

The birds look exotic, out of place, wild and free in a climate that depicts the heart of an intense Arkansas winter; snow if falling, light is low and the conditions are uncomfortable. The framing of both the delicate Northern Cardinal birds with the backdrop of snow, freezing conditions and shorter days delicately depicts nature at its greatest. 

One of the Northern Cardinal birds that appears in the shot is looking directly into the camera whilst the other longing watches its brother. The softness of the image is characterised by the birds calm, tranquil nature. During courtship the male Northern Cardinal will feed seeds to the female, beak to beak, proving that he is able to care for a family. 

Northern Cardinal birds are a mid sized song bird that measure between 21-23 cm. Murchison’s shot manages to capture the elegance, beauty and extraordinary color of these tiny birds up close and personal. This the perfect artwork to add to your home if you’re a lover of the outdoors. 

All wildlife and nature lovers alike will appreciate the delicate shot that Clint Murchison was able to capture. The soft image evokes a sense of peace, tranquillity and love that is organic, wholesome and only available in the great outdoors. 

Clint Murchison’s shot challenges us to question, think and act. In times when our environment faces ever more uncertainty, images such as this remind of us of how beautiful our outdoor surroundings really are. The shot transgresses time and space and delicately reproduces a moment of peace between nature, the Northern Cardinals and Murchison. It reminds us that real life is outside and not accessible through a screen. 

So what are Northern Cardinal Birds? Well as you can see from the piece they are extremely distinctive and have a crest shaped head that is darker than the rest of their bodies. Males features a black crest whilst the female has a softer grey appearance. The male is however has a more vibrant body with a sharp red popping out of the image. The female is more subtlety colored, olive tones of red detail her body. 

The in focus shot makes both birds appear closeup depicting a seeming willingness to be photographed. The eyes that meet camera clearly show that Northern Cardinal on the right hand side is fully aware that Clint Murchison is taking the shot. 

But its easy to understand why the birds would feel comfortable and at home with Clint. He is a life long artists as well as being a life long resident of Arkansas. Murchison is proficient in a wide range of mediums including oil painting, drawing, etching, wood working and metal working. 

He began making art at the age of five and it just never stopped. His mother recalls he made his first piece on the side of the families piano. Upon graduating from college Murchison started making art works and selling them. 

He would carve wooden shaped ducks calls which would be delicately detailed with customers choice of imagery which was either applied with paint or sketched on. He made these ducks for locals, friends, family and anyone who wanted for several years and gradually moved into metal working. Once he had mastered metal working, he moved onto etching and the process never really stopped. 

In 1994 Murchison began to take photographs noticing the power that a camera offered. The ability to shoot, capture and develop a moment in time that would disappear instantly, he became hooked with capturing parts of nature that the untrained human eye is simply not capable of. 

Murchison photography skills are harnessed in his ability to be one with, and know the outdoors. His ability to seek out and shoot images such as the Cardinal Love..Birds in Winter clearly depict a willingness and eagerness to be at one with his environment. 

All our prints at the Schmidt Fine Art Gallery are available in a wide range of sizes. Our photographic prints are printed with the highest quality acrylic printing medium to ensure there is no cracking, peeling or fading over time. Your art work will be timeless in both style, and life span. 

We use Dibond backing on our prints to ensure that are fully wall mountable, won’t warp or dent and maintain a perfectly flat surface so they always look professional and sleek in your home. Our prints come hand polishes with crystal clear edges offering a contemporary edge. 

We use the latest photography printing technology to create a resin metallic finish and use large stainless steel posts to make sure our quality is consistent throughout. 

Cardinal Love..Birds in Winter by Clint Murchison will make the perfect addition to any home. Whether you’re buying this print for yourself or a nature lover that you know. For newly weds, lovers, or romantics this print is sure to be a hit. 

We can produce this print in a wide range of sizes starting at 16x16 and extending all the way up to 80x40. We offer this wide range of sizes to allow for the most convenient placing within your home, office, or outdoor space. 

We offer a wide range of nature photographic prints by Clint Murchison so be sure to check out his other work. Many of his images work well in the same space. You can easily curate your own nature inspired feature wall within your home with our fantastic prints. 

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