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A guide to photographing a Christmas Tree

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

You've got a model that will help you practice your photography, and it doesn't even complain! That's your Christmas tree. Treat it much the way as you would treat any low light situation.

Don't use a flash. If you want the environment to be natural, do not use one. If you want a full color, no character shot, sure, use the flash. But otherwise, don't.

Use a tripod. There is no way around it. Without the flash, you will have to go with longer exposures. You have to have a tripod.

Set your ISO as low as possible. Since you have the tripod, an exposure that encompasses a few seconds is fine.

Shoot with Aperture Priority. You want to control everything with the aperture.

Open up your fstop as much as you can. You want the background to be blurred and this can help shorten your exposure time.

Alternatively, shoot to create star bursts. To do this, shut your aperture down to about F16. This will cause your camera to choose a longer time for the shutter value.

Get up close and take shots at a closer, more intimate distance and angle.

Use a remote time, or delayed timer (if you know how to use it). You don't want any camera shake (unless that is what you want), to interfere with the shot.

Give your tree a sense of context. To do this, you could:

  • Include people in the photograph
  • Step back far enough to include more than the tree
  • Include something to give it meaning for that event. Be sure something is separating that Christmas tree from any other.


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