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20 things to shoot inside

Posted by Jacob Hawthorne on

How to stay creative in self isolation.

With all of us spending more time indoors due to the coronavirus outbreak, we took to Instagram to ask you all what you’ve been shooting in your homes to stay creative and inspired in these unprecedented times. We’ve gathered the top 20 ideas for you here, and hope that they may inspire everyone in this community to keep taking photos in the coming weeks, or at the very least help you pass the time.

If you shoot any of the ideas we’ve put together below — be sure to send us a photo of your indoor set up by filling out this quick form. We’ll be featuring your indoor shoot spaces in a blog post and over on social.

Indoor shoot ideas


Nature lives indoors too. Next time you water your plants, why not take a few photos of them while you’re at it? It’s time to give them the attention they deserve.

Office Setups

For those of us who have shifted to working from home, show us what your office setup looks like. Has your kitchen table been turned into a makeshift desk? Do you have a designated space for your conference calls?

Patterns & Textures

From delicate floral wallpaper to the texture of your living room rug, there are tons of textures and patterns in your home that are eagerly waiting to be the star of your next shoot.

Sunlight & Shadows

Instead of spending time in the sun (overrated anyways), why not spend time watching the sunlight move across the rooms of your home? You could even try creating a timelapse to document the changes in your space throughout the day.


One of the positives of staying inside? More time to cook your meals from scratch. Which also happens to give you something else to shoot. So go capture your cooking in action.


One of the biggest adjustments for most of us is the fact that your entire family is working, studying, and procrastinating all under the same roof — day in and day out. Turn it into an opportunity to capture your family dynamic.

Interior Design

From cluttered shelves of books and coffee tables to minimalist bedroom spaces — try taking some photos of where you’re spending all of your time (plus, it might force you to do a little spring cleaning while you’re at it).


Capture of how you’ve been staying busy indoors — from picking up a paintbrush to reading a book (or five).


With less time outdoors, it’s easy to start feeling trapped and restless. So whether you’ve taken up yoga or weights to deal with your excess energy, try taking photos of these activities in inventive ways.


Whether it’s a portrait of someone staring longingly out the window, or photographs of your outside view — windows can be an interesting element to incorporate into your photography.

Self Portraits

Whether you live alone or your family’s sick of you taking their picture — it might be time to turn the camera onto you. Try taking a self-portrait every day of self-isolation to document your time indoors.


This one’s for those of us spending a whole lot of time staring out the window.


From conference calls in your bedroom while your partner watches Netflix, to keeping your kids busy with crafts as you work — how has your relationship to your work changed as you work from home?


As your pets come to terms with no longer having free rein of the house, turn them into the focus of your next shoot.

Morning Routines

One thing that hasn’t changed? Having coffee at home before you start work. Experiment with documenting your morning routine in real-time.


Whether it’s shots of you washing your hands or textured shots of closeup ripples — experiment with photographing water in different ways.

Devices & Gadgets

From flat lays of your work set up to experimental shots of your favourite tech — taking photos of your devices and gadgets could easily turn into a creative shoot.


Whether you have access to a garden, or pick up a bouquet the next time you venture to the grocery store — bring Spring indoors and take photos of flowers to feel a little bit more connected to nature.

Photo Diary

With so many aspects of our lives being disrupted, using photography as a way to document the changes in your daily routine — however small, could become an interesting way to reflect on these strange times.

Fashion & Beauty

Need an excuse to get out of your pyjamas and feel like a human being? Taking photos of your clothes and accessories is an easy way to make sure you keep getting dressed every morning.

Hopefully this list has got you feeling a little more inspired, and we can’t wait to see your next uploads on Unsplash as a result. Remember that, when you start testing out these ideas for your next shoot, we’d love to see your shoot setup!

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